Odyssey X Radio

About WOXR – Odyssey X Radio

Have you ever had that friend who always knew the coolest indie music, always told the raunchiest stories, always said whatever was on their mind and, most importantly, was always there when you needed them, day or night? Well, Odyssey X is like that friend. Available online (you can even add it to your own website for free) and on your favorite mobile device (no, not that favorite device), Odyssey X brings you adult radio when and where you want it. Odyssey X features “Sessions”, your source for sensual, romantic music–not sleepy top 40 stuff–really romantic, “clothes-fall-in-a-pile-on-the-floor” kind of music, “Play On” with Isis Jones, featuring the best indie urban jams on the web and “The Hot Box”, the show with the funniest sex stories on the air waves. At Odyssey X, we’re here to remind you that the ears are an erogenous zone.