Sex is fun, healthy, and natural, and is an adult toy site designed to reflect all three! This female-owned adult toy store is about more than batteries and biology; driven instead by a desire to bring enjoyment and spontaneous pleasure into the bedrooms of toy shoppers. Unlike other sites that are heavily geared towards one gender or the other, Strawberry Wonder Kiss happily serves the sexy needs all customers, including transgendered individuals and differently-abled fun-seekers. If it's pleasure you're looking for, you'll find it through the digital doors of this unique shop.

The sex toy products you'll find at aren't chosen to align with fads, books, or the "next big thing" exclusively. Each item is carefully selected by virtue of its quality, safety, and pleasurable abilities, after which it's put through testing with one of the site's employees before it ever earns a place online. Even after they pass inner-company muster, toys are continually examined through the Strawberry Wonder Kiss customer and blogger review program to keep ho-hum models out of rotation. This way, shoppers know that each of the delightful goodies they're browsing are the cream of the crop, not erotic duds that aren't worth their batteries. The company also offers a product request form for those must-have toys that might not have made it onto the site yet.

Your sexuality should be stimulating and your pleasure should be personalized - no company understands that better than Strawberry Wonder Kiss. Don't overthink your libido, get what you want, when you want it - without having to wade through a tide of cheap, garish toys to find one capable of bedroom bliss. is waiting for your curious clicks!

Strawberry Wonder Kiss Films:

For adults who enjoy films that handle mature subject matter, their choices have been limited. They can watch hardcore porn films and see the kind of no script, poorly acted, mechanical content that makes them feel more stained than satisfied when it's over, or they can watch mainstream television and movies, which are designed to entertain the lowest common denominator and are about as sexy as roadkill. Well, now Strawberry Wonder Kiss Films is here to slip you into something more comfortable.

Strawberry Wonder Kiss Films is a company created to fill the deep need of most mature adults to enjoy satisfying adult-themed dvds and web series in the privacy of their own home. Owned and operated by acclaimed independent filmmaker Cherie Sanders, who has been making mainstream films since 2002, this company makes content that lightly tickles the edges of softcore porn or fetish films while thoroughly penetrating the mainstream. And if you're looking for barbie dolls with more silicon than a microchip factory, look elsewhere--our goal is to bring you talent that represents different ethnicities, shapes, and sizes, including men, women and other sexuals as well as the differently-abled. Real people, real situations, real sexy.

With projects like the comedy web series, "My Secret Sexy: The Life of an Undercover Sex Toy Reviewer", Strawberry Wonder Kiss Films wants to show the world that films and series can be creative, funny, romantic and dramatic, but still be really, really sexy. Strawberry Wonder Kiss Films--stripping the forbidden from the fruit.

Odyssey X Radio:

Have you ever had that friend who always knew the coolest indie music, always told the raunchiest stories, always said whatever was on their mind and, most importantly, was always there when you needed them, day or night? Well, Odyssey X is like that friend. Available online (you can even add it to your own website for free) and on your favorite mobile device (no, not that favorite device), Odyssey X brings you adult radio when and where you want it. Odyssey X features “Moonlight with Isis Jones,” your place for romantic music–not sleepy top 40 stuff–really romantic, “clothes-fall-in-a-pile-on-the-floor” kind of music and steamy adult toy reviews with Evelyn Fearless, a woman who really knows how to accessorize. There’s even a song request feature for those of you who like to get “Interactive.” At Odyssey X, we’re here to remind you that the ears are an erogenous zone. Odyssey X Radio--and you thought phone sex was hot!